9 Reasons to Use Social Media at Your Wedding

Photo by Leigh Miller Photography

Photo by Leigh Miller Photography

1. Shared memories

Collect an array of images from beginning to end following your wedding hashtag or looking at your friends pages. Seeing your wedding from the guests’ eyes can be a rewarding and precious experience on the honeymoon. Most likely you’ll be wrapped up in details and the emotion of the day, but scrolling back through Instagram can show you how much fun everyone else had at the wedding! 

2. Live updates for friends/family that can't attend the event

With a small guest list or a destination wedding, the whole family or certain friends might not be able to attend the nuptials. A solid social media strategy or a package from Maid of Social can offer friends and family the opportunity to feel engaged and part of the festivities. Coworkers or friends of friends might even follow along to see what you’ve been planning for a year!

3. Increase social media klout

Weddings can be expensive and incredibly time consuming; let people see what you’ve been working so hard on for so long! Using social media at your wedding can ensure that all of your followers get to see your Pinterest board come to life. From small details to the big ceremonies, take your followers along for the ride, who knows, your wedding could become someone else’s #weddinggoals

4. Get noticed by the brands you love

Brands, caterers, designers and everyone in between loves to see their products/services come to life and enjoyed by real people. You’re offering free promotion for brands, and they love to represent you on their social pages; tag the brands in your photo, and say hello 500 new followers!

5. Secure a feature on your favorite weddings website(s)

People in relationships and even people out of relationships love to plan for the biggest day of their lives, and websites like theknot.com, stylemepretty.com, and greenweddingshoes.com love to provide inspiration by showing off real couples celebrating their love. Tag your favorite wedding websites for a feature on their pages.

6. Cultivate a rockin wedding hashtag

Some people spend the entire engagement period cultivating the perfect wedding hashtag to honor the transition from fiancee to husband and wife. You can check out wedding hashtag generators, poll your friends and family online or even ask your wordsmith-y friend to help you come up with your tag. The earlier you create a wedding hashtag, the sooner you can tag your engagement photos and encourage people to ride along the journey with you and your love. Day of, family and friends can use the hashtag to post memories from the day that you can search for and gush all over again.

7. Connect your friends before the wedding day

Your friends, near and far, can feel like they’re apart of the journey from proposal to wedding day by following along your engagement on social media.

8. Finish timeline from engagement to “i do”

Using social media on the day of the wedding, and through the honeymoon can finish cataloguing this important chapter of your life. What’s the point of showcasing the engagement period without following along through the big day?? Your followers will thank you, and you’ll get recognition for all of your hard work. There's nothing worse than following along an engagement, and not getting to see the big result.

9. Grab images from friends you would have missed out on

Your wedding day might become a blur of emotion and last minute details. Grabbing images from your friends’ Instagram or Twitter can offer once-in-a-lifetime photos that you are so glad someone captured! The kiss after saying “I do,” the intimate cake cutting or the sparkler send off are perfect moments your guests can capture and you can look through during your honeymoon. You’ll be glad you let your friends use their phones when your favorite photo from the day is an authentic one from an iPhone 5.