Why hire a professional photographer and Maid of Social? 

Having a professional photographer in our eyes is a no-brainer, you 100% need one. They are the ones to help you create the wedding album that you will cherish forever. The Maid of Social team will work with the photographer throughout the wedding day, especially to give them credit for photos they take, but we are not there to take their jobs. They are VERY important to your wedding! 

Couldn't I just handoff my iPhone or GoPro to a bridesmaid on my wedding day? 

Well you could, but your bridesmaid should be able to enjoy the day with you -- not be responsible for posting on social media throughout the day. Don't forget, after a few glasses of champagne, who knows what she'll post.

What led you to start Maid of Social? 

After working in the wedding industry, we saw that the industry needed a service to cover a couple's wedding day on social media for them. After gaining experience with a few luxury weddings and being a bridesmaid countless times -- we knew it was the perfect time to launch Maid of Social! 

How will I know if I like the photos you post from my wedding? 

We were part of "real weddings" teams at the wedding publication where senior photo editors taught us what types of detail photos to look for and how to style photos. We're lucky enough to have wedding photographer friends (that are in the top of the industry!) who have also given us tips and tricks throughout the years to taking great photos. 

Also, from running the social media for big wedding accounts, we know what types of photos perform the best, what hashtags to use and simple things to make your wedding day social media equally as rockin' as your dance floor!

What social media platforms will you use?

We'll personalize packages to fit your needs. Our favorite social media platforms include Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Periscope! We can also use Facebook, WeChat, Tumblr...

Do you only do weddings in New York City? 

While we are based in New York City, we're available for travel to your city. This service is also perfect for destination weddings! 

Will you post on the Maid of Social handles or my handles? 

This is another place that we can personalize a package for you. While we prefer to post on your accounts, we could also post on the official social media accounts for Maid of Social -- or both!


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